Aiken Polo Club Fees

Whether you are an established or an aspiring player, a polo fanatic or a first time spectator, Aiken Polo Club is the place to be. Not only does the club provide fast-paced, competitive polo and great fields with spectacular Aiken weather, it is also economical to play here, watch here, or participate as an advertiser or a sponsor. On this page you will find our basic fees, as well as links to important forms and other information. Please contact us if you have any further questions or if there is any other way we can be of assistance.

We hope you enjoy your time at Aiken Polo Club.

Spectators & Social Members

Be a part of Aiken Polo Club, for an afternoon, a year or a season

Many Options to watch

 General Admission: $5 per person with free parking in the sandlot
Pavilion admission for one: $30
Fieldside parking: $30 per day (limited availability)
Social Membership: $600 for the year or $400 fall season only. Includes two pavilion passes and a named parking spot on the sidelines.
Pavilion admission, full year: $400 per person. Fall season only: $300 per person.

Player Membership

Aiken Polo Club welcomes new players

We offer full player or practice memberships

 Full Player Membership: $2,500 per year; $1750 per season

 Student/Junior membership: $1,000 per year or $600 per season

 Stick & Ball on Winthrop Field: $500 per year or $300 per season

 Chukker fee: $10 per chukker

 All major credit cards accepted!

Tournament Fees

2017 Rates

 2017 Tournament Fees 

 All four chukker tournaments: $3000 per team

 6 Goal six chukker tournament: $3,500 per team

 Women’s Challenge: $1,000 per team or $250 per player. Please contact Bill Raab if you are looking for a team. 561-719-3318

Sponsorship & Advertising

Get involved with the Aiken Polo Club community to help grow your business

Many Ways to Get Involved!

Aiken Polo Magazine offers advertising options to fit all budgets. This glossy, full color, souvenir magazine is published each fall and available at the matches and around town. Contact Susie Kneece for more information. 803-646-3302
Sponsorship packages can be customized to you and your business. Contact Susie Kneece to learn more! 803-646-3302

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