Lauburu Wins Dogwood Cup

Lauburu scores a decisive win in the 2018 Dogwood Cup at Aiken Polo Club. Pictured above: Johnny Alvarez, Eduardo Perez, Justin Pimsner and Louis Berizzi. Peter Christiansen of Taylor BMW presenting.

Dogwood Results
Dogwood Results

Congratulations to Lauburu, winner of the 2018 Dogwood Cup 2-goal.

Lauburu scored a decisive victory in the Dogwood Cup 2-goal finals held on Whitney Field, Sunday, April 22. This was the first Sunday game of the 2018 season at the historic venue: the April 15thopening game had been rained out. Rain was threatening to disrupt this game too, with a massive weather front on its way into the area during the afternoon. Although skies were grey and there were plenty of sprinkles, the show went on as scheduled.

Four teams had entered the tournament this year, including Maryland (Liv and Nate Berube with the teenaged twins Harry and Charlie Caldwell); Colorado powered by Geoff Cameron and captained by Rick Lontin, a newcomer to the area; and MidState Roofing, featuring Jesus Ontiveros (2 goals) and the fearless 13-year-old Robyn Leitner.  In match play, Lauburu took all comers with ease, while MidState Roofing (rounded out by Chris Zhang and Matt McGhee) finished in second place with a 2-1 record. Their only defeat was against Lauburu in the first match of the tournament, where they were beaten 2.5 to 7.

The finals would prove to be a virtual repeat of the initial contest between the two teams. Although the first chukker saw the score even at one goal apiece, by the second chukker, Lauburu had come alive. Johnny Alvarez, under-rated at 1 goal, scored three goals, while Justin Pimsner (1) put in one. MidState Roofing was shut out, making the score 1.5 to 5 at the half (MidState had a half goal on handicap.) The third chukker would be more of the same: while Jesus Ontiveros managed to tally once for MidState, Lauburu had three goals (two from Alvarez and one from Eduardo Perez). In the fourth, MidState scored twice and Lauburu once, making the final score 4.5 to 9.

Johnny Alvarez was named MVP while Matt McGhee’s Harmony took home Best Playing Pony honors. Tournament play continues this week in the Jake Kneece Memorial 4 goal – check back later for updates on games that were postponed due to rain. Next weekend, we will also have the National Youth Tournament Series in town on Powderhouse Field, featuring some of the best young players in the country. (Below: Matt McGhee with his best playing pony, Harmony)

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