PACERS & POLO:  March 30th
DOGWOOD CUP 2 GOAL: APRIL 12th – 21st  (4 Chukkers)
USPA NYTS : April 26th – 28th(National Youth Tournament Series)
JAKE KNEECE MEMORIAL 4 GOAL: April 18th – 28th(4 Chukkers)
USPA SPORTSMANSHIP CUP 6 GOAL: MAY 1st – 12th(4 Chukkers)
USPA CONGRESSIONAL CUP 4 GOAL: May 15th – 26th(4 Chukkers)
USPA MUSEUM CUP 2 GOAL: May 30th – June 9th(4 Chukkers)
Club practices will be offered Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, April – June 


ALAN COREY CUP 4 GOAL: Sept. 18th – 29th(4 Chukkers)
USPA GOVERNORS CUP 6 GOAL: Oct. 2nd – 13th(4 Chukkers)
AIKEN WOMENS POLO TOURNAMENT: Oct. 1st – 6thA Flight  10 -14 goalsB Flight  4 – 8 goals
USPA OFFICERS CUP 6 GOALS: Oct. 11th – Oct. 20th(4 Chukkers)
USPA PLAYERS CUP 4 GOAL: Oct. 24th – Nov. 3rd(4 Chukkers)
 USPA AIKEN FALL CUP 2 GOAL: Nov. 1st – 10th(4 Chukkers)
Club practices will be offered Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, September – November

For more information contact club manager,Tiger Kneece 803-646-3301 tigerkneece@bellsouth.net