Oct 12 2022

Women’s Challenge Cup 8-12 Goal- Wednesday

Tournament: Women’s Challenge Cup 8-12 Goal


2:00 PM-  Virginia Beach vs Mid State Roofing

3:30 PM-  Roseland polo vs Workhorse Consulting

Where: Powderhouse Field- Powderhouse Rd SE, Aiken, SC 29801

Virginia Beach

Abigail Frye 0

Maria Cepeda 4

Molly Ontiverous 4

Jewel Gregoncza 2

TOTAL.               10


Mid State Roofing

Robyn Leitner 4

Reagan Leitner 4

Ana Cosicia 3

Cecily Coors 1

TOTAL.           12

Roseland Polo

Ali King 2

Hanan Fadil 0

Maddie Grant 5

Summer Kneece 4

TOTAL                11


Workhorse Consulting

Norine Foley 1

Kim Von Stade 3

 Kylie Sheehan 5

Allie Henderson 3

TOTAL               12

All Teams must bring two suitable umpire horses. Teams will be ranked 1-7 on win/loss. Ties will be broken with a one person penalty shoot out.

The event is finished.

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