Aiken Youth Polo Program

Our Aiken Youth Polo Program aims to introduce young people to the sport of polo in a safe, supportive and fun atmosphere. Our Youth Polo players practice on Tuesday afternoons and on Saturday mornings at Winthrop Polo Field on Mead Avenue in downtown Aiken. There are also occasional exhibition chukkers on Whitney Field during Aiken Polo Club Sunday games. Aiken Youth Polo players receive one wristband to the Pavilion each Sunday during spring & fall seasons.

Aiken Youth Polo Program is open to any young people who are interested in learning to play polo. Interested in getting involved? Please call Tiger Kneece (803-646-3301) and he will point you in the right direction.

Mission Statement: The purpose of Aiken Youth Polo is to introduce the sport of polo to 9-21 years old in a safe environment. Aiken Youth Polo is coached by certified USPA instructor and 7-goal professional polo player, Tiger Kneece.

One of the greatest joys of polo is that it can be played by people of all ages. It is not unusual to see two and three generations of the same family playing together.

I/I Polo

Aiken Polo Club offers the opportunity to play Intercollegiate/Interscholastic polo. I/I is polo played in the arena. For more information on I/I, you can go to the USPA polo website:

Coach Tiger Kneece led the Aiken Youth Polo girls’ high school team to victory for the USPA 2021 National Interscholastic/ Intercollegiate Championship. Tiger coaches three Interscholastic/Intercollegiate teams: a high school girls’ team, a high school open team and the USC-Aiken collegiate team.